The Limits of Control movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
The latest work of American independent film master Jim Jarmusch (representative of "Broken Flowers", "Outlaws" "Down by Law"). The film tells the story of a mysterious stranger who is planning a crime, and he has been careful to keep the line between the law and the sanction. Throughout the process, he trusts no one, his goals are not revealed, and he is always in a trance between focus and trance.  
The protagonist of the story is a silent lone killer (Isaach De Bankolé), who always only orders two cups of coffee, practices Tai Chi when he is bored, and is unmoved by any temptation. One day, he accepted a mysterious mission and set off for Madrid , Spain . Here he has to make one-line contact with one contact after another, and the proof of contact is a red or green matchbox. Among these contacts are a cautious but music-loving middle-aged man ( Luis Tosar Luis Tosar), a well-dressed woman in white (Tilda Swinton) who loves movies, and a bohemian culture. The Old Man ( John Vincent Hurt John Hurt)
, and a mysterious oriental woman ( Youki Kudoh ) who is addicted to molecular biology . Following their guidance, the killer approached his target step by step. 
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  • August 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    The lens is clean, tough, poetic, and lyrical. The lines are supreme and fun. Simple structure. The least of the plot, the symbol.

  • Alejandrin 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    I think the sub-topic can be called a literary and artistic youth. The protagonist in reality must be a white man who thinks he is very literary. He has grown old to see paintings in 798. He is obsessed with Chinese Kung Fu, but he has no power. He is unmarried and loves to watch porn. Irregular, can't speak Spanish, never eat paper, actually find coffee difficult to drink but force myself to drink it every day to show taste. . . Anyway, it's okay to understand the opposite of the movie haha

The Limits of Control quotes

  • Guitar: La vida no vale nada.

  • Molecules: Are you interested in science by any chance? I'm interested in molecules. The Sufis say each one of us is a planet spinning in ecstasy. But I say each one of us is a set of shifting molecules. Spinning in ecstasy. In the near future, worn out things will be made new again by reconfiguring their molecules. A pair of shoes. A tire. Molecular detection will also allow the determination of an object's physical history. This match box for example. Its collection of molecules could indicate everywhere it's ever been. They could do it with your clothes. Or even with your skin, for that matter. Wait three days until you see the bread. The guitar will find you. Among us, there are those who are not among us.

    Lone Man: I'm among no one.

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