The Life Before Her Eyes evaluation action

2022-03-24 08:01
"The Life Before Her Eyes" uses a staggered arrangement of two main lines. The first main line is composed of high school girl Diana's experience on the day of the school shooting and other life fragments. These "real" parts are based on the more "virtual" frameworks of the current problems on American campuses. The second thread focuses on what happened between Diana and her husband and children fifteen years after the shooting. Although the two stories seem to have a successive relationship in time, the director also cleverly used a puzzle-like method to convince the audience that there is an inevitable connection between the two stories most of the time. But in fact the latter story only exists in the personal imagination of the heroine Diana   .
The film does a good job of connecting personal experiences and the larger environment tightly together. Issues such as the proliferation of guns on campus, uncontrolled sex, and abortion are all shown and discussed in the film, but these topics never dilute the main story line that the film is about to tell as a whole   .
"The Life Before Her Eyes" opens with a detailed and horrific Columbine school shooting. Subtly transitioning from a teenage girl to an elegant woman and mother-daughter tensions, the often-remembered episode about "a young girl, a dying woman, and America's growing up puzzles" reflects a lot of humanity   .
The film's description of violence and grief is too contrived and dramatic, and fails to convey the power of words in the original novel to the big screen intact. Although the plot arrangement is somewhat disorganized, it cannot hide the thoughtful dramatic conflict that this film offers. The film is a work that can easily irritate you mentally, even if it is a bit disappointing in terms of pace, it is still a good film with talent. You might feel sorry for Uma Thurman, because her performance is not only exaggerated and overly pretentious, but Evan Moore deserves a lot of applause   .
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  • Jamey 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    It turned out to be Stay~

  • Hank 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    I like this subversive logic surprise, I have to read it again

The Life Before Her Eyes quotes

  • Young Diana: [first lines - smoking in the locker room] That old bitch! I'm serious, if I have to jump over another pummel horse, or whatever they're called.

    Maureen: You guys should probably put that out.

    Young Diana: Why?

    Maureen: Shrankins is like 5 feet behind me.

  • Diana McFee: [bedtime story she reads to Emma] When the voices of children are heard on the green. And laughing is heard on the hill. My heart is at rest within my breast. And everything else is still. Then come home my children, the sun is gone down. And the dews of night arise. Come, come, let us play, and let us away. Till the morning appears in the skies. No, no, let us play, for it is yet day. And we cannot go to sleep. Besides, in the sky the little birds fly. And the hills are all covered with sheep. Well, well, go and play till the light fades away. And then go home to bed. The little ones leaped and shouted and laughed. And all the hills echoed.

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