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2022-03-24 08:01
【10 things you need to know about "Ten"】
1. The Ten Commandments are the cornerstone of the society we live in for nearly a hundred years. There is no need to cancel Sundays, let alone kill people. There are still many of us who live by the "rules" every day, and these people don't even say it all. What exactly are the Ten Commandments? The penetration of "Ten Commandments" in the whole society greatly stimulated David Wain and Ken Marino, who created 10 stories respectively, and finally made this film - "Ten";
2. At the beginning of June 2007, after David Wain and Ken Marino searched and browsed Google for about 90 seconds, they not only knew the content of the Ten Commandments, but also knew the order of the arrangement. Not only that, but they also found some related content about the film version of "Ten Commandments", it turned out that it had been copyrighted by Universal Picture Co. , but because this kind of consciousness shape thing is difficult to control, last winter, The Ten Commandments are back in the author's hands.
3. "Ten" is adapted from Krzysztof Kieslowski 's "Ten Commandments" - even if it is said to be "plagiarism". The Ten Commandments contains 10 stories set in an apartment building in Poland, each from a single commandment, dark and about an hour long. And the version by David Wain and Ken Marino is shorter and more interesting.not in an apartment complex in Poland, of course.
4. Armed with newly discovered story resources, the characters come vividly and vividly from the imagination of David Wain and Ken Marino. They hope that every story is created by the characters themselves, so they will have such Every chapter is different. Wayne and Marino just came up with a unique presentation for each theme, a little weird, but also full of whimsy:
1. Britta Steffen (Adam Brody), who accidentally fell from the plane, became a hero by accident;
2. Librarian Gloria (Gretchen Moore) is sexually awakened through a trip to Mexico, dedicating her virginity to a dark-skinned local named Jesus (Justin Theox) ;
3. Doctor Ruggiero Ricci (Ken Marino) kills his patients one by one "as fools";
4. A police detective (Levi Schreiber) covets a neighbor's CT scanner;
5. Mother Bernice (Kerry Kenney) finds someone who can imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger (Oliver Platt) so vividly that she wants this person to be a father to her child;
6. Duane (Rob Cordley), who is in prison, is drooling over his cellmate's "wife";
7. A woman in love, KALIE (Winona Laura Horowitz), steals her "lover," a ventriloquist puppet.
8. The rhino finally knew all the hidden dangers of gossip;
9. Husband Oliver (A.D. Miles), who refuses to go to church with his family, chooses to listen naked to Roberta Fleck's songs with his friends;
10. Jeff (Paul Rudd), who introduced all these stories to the audience, is also facing a moral dilemma as he has to live between his beautiful wife, Gretchen (Famke Janssen), and the equally beautiful, but for him. Choose one of her too-young mistresses, Liz (Jessica Alba).
5. "Ten" is very similar to David Wain's other work, "Wet Hot American Summer," providing him with an excellent opportunity to continue using the cast of the "comedy show agency" he has worked for for many years -- They're all part of a comedy troupe called "The State," which includes Shank Oss, A.D. Myers, Nina Hellman, and Paul Rudd, among others, plus a bunch of Wayne Movie actors he liked very much, he asked them to play a role in the film, like Liev Schreiber, Winona Laura Horowitz , etc., and finally some talented young actors selected from normal auditions- -Being able to work with so many different actors in different backgrounds and story styles, like Michael Zieger, J.Field and Novola Nelson, was a real challenge for Wayne.
6. David Wain and Ken Marino worked together to conceive of every plot for the film, and the two creatively collaborated throughout the entire production process of the film, including hiring, casting , deciding on shooting locations, script changes, costumes, scenes .Marino was on set every day, and he functioned like another director of the film. In addition, Marino was involved in editing, sound effects and original vocals.
7. In order to create the visual style of the film, David Wain decided to shoot the film in color for three reasons: 1. Most of the films are now in color; 2. The black and white format does not seem suitable for this film; 3. You can't shoot in black and white, color is the only option. In the making of the film, whenever faced with a similar choice, Wayne will give himself at least three reasons to do so.
8. Shooting each chapter alone is like making a mini-movie, but there is a more complicated situation here, that is, the crew sometimes has to complete the shooting tasks of different chapters on the same day, and want to shoot 10 stories at the same time ? How much courage must be mustered. Combined with the prison and tombstone scenes, and the finale, they had to shoot everything in 28 days on the budget of a small independent film. The crew shot on location for four days in Mexico, one day in Los Angeles , and the rest was done in New York, which consisted of about 40 completely different locations.
9. When the film is over, David Wain wants the audience to have a good time, leaving the movie theater with laughter and thinking about where they want to eat. Wayne isn't conceited that the film has the potential to change the world, but he really expects people who see it to change the way they think and do things.
10. David Wain and Ken Marino's first collaboration was on "The State" -- a comedy-troupe-style cast of 11 comedians co-created in 1988, best known for using The MTV series with the same name was almost popular in the early and mid-1990s. Later, some of "The State" worked on " Wet Hot American Summer ", " Reno 911!: Miami " and the TV series " Stella ". In "Ten" you will find "The State" "All figures of all 11 members.
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  • Robb 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    20130106jtl foreigners are also spoofs with no bottom line, interpreting the Ten Commandments of the Bible with a senseless and cold humor, but also thanks to the director who can come up with it. Low cost, there are many places that are too rough, but it is quite creative, it doesn't matter if you laugh and laugh, anyway, in the end, it's all about love.

  • Beaulah 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    lol cute deconstruction

The Ten quotes

  • Jeff Reigert: Gretchen... Hey, I was in the neighborhood. I thought I'd come by and take a shit.

  • Duane Rosenblum: Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were the one who were ass-raping you every night.

    Dr. Glenn Richie: You know, I think you're felling the energy of our friendship and projecting it into something else that isn't there.

    Duane Rosenblum: No Glenn, I'm not... I'm not projecting. I can't look at you without fantasizing about shoving you up against a wall in the laundry room, and punching you in the mouth... And then raping you. Without your consent, of course.

    Dr. Glenn Richie: Hey, that's what makes it rape right?

    Duane Rosenblum: That's what makes it rape.

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