The Ten movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
All stories unfold slowly through the voice of a narrator who, while introducing each story, has to deal with the internal issues of his own family. The voice spreads in an unpredictable direction, bringing out the first of 10 stories: Britta Steffen and his fiancée KALIE play Extreme sports, but when he jumps from a high-altitude plane, he finds himself unexpectedly Forget the umbrella bag. Britta Steffen, who fell from the plane, stood upright, waist-high, and was "planted" into the field in a very desolate way, and he couldn't climb out without the help of outsiders. Britta Steffen's "Miracle Survival" caused a lot of uproar in the country, and the people who came to visit came one after another, including devout religious believers, high jumpers who wanted to imitate him, and TV stations specially sent people to use cameras Recorded it all, decided to go back and make a show, and Britta Steffen became a TV star. But the over-excited crowd seemed to forget the most important thing, which was to "pull" him out of the dirt.
Most of the 10 stories are presented in forms that even Moses could not have imagined: including a murderous doctor who kills his patient like a fool; a slut who falls in love with a puppet; a 35-year-old maid who kills herself in Mexico. The virgin was dedicated to "Jesus"; the twin brother who begged his mother to tell his father's true identity. These 10 "rules"-based chapters sometimes stand alone and sometimes intertwined, like the one the doctor killed Part of the surgeon ends up being arrested, but his story continues in the next chapter, where he is imprisoned and brutally sexually abused. Aside from that, one of the 10 chapters is totally "cartoon-made" and one of the funniest and rudest of them all.
Throughout the process, we learned that the storyteller's name was Jeff, his wife was beautiful, but he expressed a strong dissatisfaction with how much energy he put into studying the "Ten Commandments", so he decided to give Find yourself a girlfriend -- Jeff's identity immediately changed from narrator to participant, opening his part of the chapter, the name, it's called "adultery."
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  • Scarlett 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    It's completely different from what I imagined, but it's not bad! easy and enjoyable

  • Adalberto 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    Uh. They say everything is just for love. to be frank. I looked a little distracted. Kind of like Paris I love you. It's kind of like shit. Now the idea is rotten.

The Ten quotes

  • Louis La Fonda: What does a monkey from the zoo have in common with a Fig Newton? Nothing, right? Think again. They're both sometimes brown.

  • [first lines]

    Jeff Reigert: [phone rings] Hello?

    Jeff Reigert: I'm sorry, I had to go, okay?

    Jeff Reigert: Because I have to introduce the ten stories. I told this this before, we'll talk about this when I get home, alright? I'm late enough as it is.

    Jeff Reigert: "The Ten Commandments" ten stories, alright? You knew about this when you married me, this is what I do.

    Jeff Reigert: Hello? Hello? Unbelievable.

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