The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner evaluation action

2022-07-07 16:11
This film is one of the representative masterpieces of the British "Angry School". Director Tony Richardson explores the rebellious psychology of young people with the method of stream of consciousness. The theme is profound, but the entertainment is not strong. Tom Cowdenley, Michael Shegraf, and James Boland have more delicate performances in the film, and are good at expressing the psychological activities of the characters through their eyes.
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, widely regarded by British and American film critics as a sister of The True Story (1955), is another major British "angry youth" film. In the movie, the protagonist Smith and his friend Mike are angry young people who have nothing to do all day long. They don't want to work hard for the factory all their lives like their fathers did, but they suffer from no way out in reality. Finally, they take risks for money, but go up Deshanduo eventually encountered a tiger and was sentenced to a labor camp after being arrested. Ironically, however, Smith's life tragedy really begins here, and his natural long-distance running ability has brought him endless emptiness and confusion. His pride and inferiority, greatness and insignificance are witnessing all kinds of inequalities in society.
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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner quotes

  • Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: You don't get anywhere without effort, do you lad?

  • Brown, House Master: How do we tackle the basic aggression which these lads obviously feel?

    Ruxton Towers Reformatory governor: By channelling it in the right direction.

    Brown, House Master: I was just wondering whether life wasn't a little more complicated than a football match.

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