The New York Ripper movie plot

2022-10-20 16:23
New York, the city that never sleeps, is full of eccentricities and sings every night. People are intoxicated in the dream world of beautiful wine and beauties, and they have long forgotten the hidden murderous intentions hiding in the dark.
One night, when a woman was brutally murdered, police officer Fred Williams (Jack Hedley) was in charge of investigating the case. When questioning the landlady (Babette New), It was learned that the deceased had spoken to a mysterious man with a drake voice the night before. Soon after, the number of victims continued to increase, and they were all young women, and their deaths were horrific. William decided it was a crazy serial murder case. Confused, the police kept the news tightly sealed, and William could only single-handedly track down the real murderer. 
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The New York Ripper quotes

  • [after performing an autopsy on a ripper murder victim]

    Dr. Barry Jones, Coroner: He used a blade. Stuck it up her joy trail, and slit her wide open. He could have done a slightly better job if he had more time. But overall, it was a good, efficient butchery.

  • Chief of Police: Fred, have you flipped out, or are you trying to give me an ulcer? A smart-ass coroner comes out with a little verbal diarrhea, and you immediately go around declaring there's a maniac loose in the city.

    Lt. Fred Williams: Yeah, so what do you want me to say? A boy scout's been widdling on girls with his knife?

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