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2022-10-20 23:26
The campus, produced by Wang Jing and directed by Gordon Chan , once again won applause for Star Master, and became another masterpiece of Star Master that won the annual box office championship. It is said that Wang Jing himself was very depressed when he was a student, so he injected strong personal feelings into the film. From the moment the star entered the school gate, it began to create a sad atmosphere. The lonely star in front of the empty gate seemed so helpless. And the school is more like a personal hell, with many chilling school rules, showy teachers, and some classmates who collect protection fees. But in the end, all these things were resolved by Xingxing one by one, but the homework and exams were quite a headache for Xingxing. Fortunately, there is sister Sharla Cheung to help.
The jokes and gimmicks in the film are also very creative, and all of them are classic but not vulgar - the blackboard eraser flying like eyes and the chemistry teacher with a very poor memory can make people laugh to death, while the stars and The little turtle's cheating in kung fu and history exams like a horse race is even more amazing. In addition, several comedy supporting roles also played an excellent foil role. The tacit cooperation of the old partner Ng Man Tat can only be described as someone else. feet ” is even more memorable. Many of the above selling points make this "Fight Back to School" still very attractive to this day.
Due to the success of the film in school themes, it also led to the appearance of a large number of school films in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which became a trend.
This film produced by Wang Jing and directed by Gordon Chan can be said to be a masterpiece of Stephen Chow 's style. Whether it is the structure of the play or the gimmick, it is still quite serious. Many of Stephen Chow and Wang Jing's feces, piss and jokes in the film have been cleaned up a lot because the film is a school theme. And Brother Xing, who is on the rise, has performed extremely well. Needless to say hard work, the design of the jokes alone took a lot of painstaking efforts. Many classic Stephen Chow language and behaviors started from this film. Due to the success of the film in school themes, it has also led to the emergence of a large number of school films in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which has become a trend.
As a student at the Flying Tigers' first killer undercover school, this role is tailor-made for Brother Xing. In one case, he is a top expert, and in another case, he is an absolute rookie. The best conditions for acting.
There are of course a lot of jokes in the film, and a lot can be said casually: the part in the chemistry class should be considered a classic; The lines are simply the campus version of Chow Yun Fat 's classic lines in "The True Color of Heroes" ; there is no need to say more about cheating in history class, and exaggerating cheating into horse racing is probably only possible for Xing Ge; Xing Ge suffers from Ng Man Tat and The police boss's several painful meals have achieved a very good comedic effect.
In addition, several supporting roles with strong comedy have played an excellent foil role. The tacit cooperation of the old partner Ng Man Tat can only be described in four words as "Who is it?" Sharla Cheung 's best expression will always be there In the memory books of star fans; the thief-looking little turtle has a cheap face; the screenwriter Huang Bingyao's guest boss appears impressively with his hot temper and bravery at the end; the chemistry teacher is even more unforgettable, until In the third episode a few years later, he also showed his face again; the geography teacher played by Kingdom Yuen was probably her earliest role in Xingge's film, and a cheating theory in the film was popular. Although there are many gimmicks and jokes in the film's comedy, it is basically not low-level and boring. It is much better than many entertainment films in the later period of Wang Jing and Stephen Chow. Maybe this is also the comparison of this "Fight Back to School". That's why those movies are so fun to watch.
The movie, despite being a comedy action movie, doesn't have a lot of action. Even so, the few action scenes are designed to be clean and neat, unlike many action movies, where the fight is endless and muddled, and even the final fight scene is very short. This is of course that Brother Xing is not good at fighting, and the film is mainly comedy, but it also reflects Wang Jing's concise and skilled handling of action scenes.
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