The Night Flier movie plot

2022-10-21 20:58
The film tells the story of another airport administrator in New York State, Buck, who died violently on the tarmac, which shocked the press. The body was shrivelled and completely bloodless. Similar murders also occurred in Maine before. " The rumor of the resurrection of the vampire disrupted this living world. During the thunderstorm night in Maryland, wearing a large black cloak, like a bat with wings, with a bright red lining, nightcrawlers piloted a plane to commit the crime, and Ren and Ellen died tragically again. In his hands, the plot is reminiscent of the movie plot of "Vampire Reffey", and the newspaper's editor-in-chief Morrison (Danny Monaghan) reprimands veteran reporter Richardson (Michael Fury) for in-depth coverage across the state because he has flight license.
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The Night Flier quotes

  • Merton Morrison: [to Richard Dees] Put that pilot license and plane of yours to some use. Besides, you're good with the hicks, you're the best.

  • Ezra Hannon: [describing The Night Flier to Richard Dees] He was wearing a big cloak he was. Red as a fire engine inside, black as a woodchuck's asshole outside. And when it spread out behind him, it looked like a goddamn bat's wing it did.

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