The Night Listener evaluation action

2022-03-22 08:01
In the original novel of "The Night Listener", the author tells his own emotional story and the experience of being a DJ on a radio midnight show, interspersed with necessary story narration with delicate and moving brushwork. In the process of adapting the novel into a movie script, the sensitive content in the original work is completely preserved: same-sex emotions, child sexual abuse, trust and deception between people, etc., laying a solid social topic foundation for this low-cost film. So as to achieve a thought-provoking effect, reaching people's hearts. An independent film like "The Night Listener" with a small investment and a slightly biased story will not have a very exciting performance in the battle for the box office. However, the film, which contains many sensitive topics, has been well received by many audiences and film critics   .
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The Night Listener quotes

  • Donna D. Logand: The hell of it is,is you're only as loved as you think you are

  • Gabriel Noone: Charles Dickens wrote Pete Logand was only 12 when his parents sent him to make boot polish in a factory by the docks. This screwed him up forever and made him a writer. I think we've all got a blacking factory, some terrible something that makes us lose our baby heart as surely as we lose our baby teeth.

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