The Night Listener movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
As the famous host of the midnight show on the radio, Gabriel Noone has conquered the hearts of countless people who have trouble falling asleep in the middle of the night with his gentle and magnetic voice. Every night, Nune's voice travels to every corner of the city and beyond, along with the omnipresent radio waves, as promised. Listen to modern men and women tell about their various experiences and troubles, and use the most understanding words to sort out their feelings and solve problems for the audience. That night, a hotline call was made by a listener who claimed to be Gabriel's most loyal listener. The boy named Pete told the unfortunate experience in his life on the phone, and thus slowly started the radio wave with the host Gabriel. friendship. But when the boy's true identity became the center of attention, including the host and many listeners, a shocking news came - this devastated little boy Pete, it seems that there is no such thing.
Almost all the listeners in front of the radio were shocked, and Gabriel fell into confusion and annoyance. So he decided to go to the remote town where Pete was located to find out the truth   .
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  • Edgardo 2022-03-23 09:03:36

    The protagonist is very big, and the plot is average. Commercial movies now... tsk

  • Austin 2022-03-23 09:03:36

    Can't remember. . . .

The Night Listener quotes

  • [first lines]

    Gabriel Noone: [Black screen. Sounds of squeaking chair as someone sits down, microphone squealing, paper rustling, and a thump] Ready?

    [Sound of one breath blown into microphone]

    Gabriel Noone: [Unknown woman mumbles]

    Gabriel Noone: Yeah, let's try it like that.

    [Paper rustling]

    Gabriel Noone: [Unknown woman mumbles again]

  • Donna D. Logand: The hell of it is,is you're only as loved as you think you are

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