The Originals movie plot

2021-11-30 08:01
Nicklaus is a mixed blood of the ancestor of vampires and werewolves. He returned to his past in New Orleans and got a mysterious hint that he was brewing a conspiracy. Nicklaus returned to the United States that he and his family helped build. Great Southern City, New Orleans. Nicklaus' doubts led to his reunion with his former protégé Marcel, a charismatic vampire who has absolute control over all humans and supernatural beings in New Orleans. Elijah was determined to help his brother Nicklaus find salvation. He followed Nicklaus and soon discovered that Hayley had also come to this French quarter to find clues to her family history, but she fell to a powerful witch, Sophie. On hand. At this time, Nicklaus vowed to regain his own power in New Orleans, replace his predecessor, and become the king here. 
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  • Marcelle 2022-04-21 09:02:00

    Only watched one episode, gave up

  • Hoyt 2022-04-21 09:02:00

    "The Vampire Diaries" dropped after two episodes. The first episode of this film turned out to be successful. The confrontation between various dark forces is quite appetizing. I hope that I don't want to learn "The Vampire Diaries" in the future. . . It's hard. . . .

The Originals quotes

  • Rebekah Mikaelson: I suppose it's a family trait. Everything we love, we turn to ash.

  • Rebekah Mikaelson: There's a saying in my family. Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow. Yet even as you dance on that demon's grave, you can't help but wonder, was that demon alone? Or do you have other, deadlier ones to fight? And though you celebrate having won the battle, have you really prepared for the war? So as we dress ourselves in the armor needed for this new fight, we must first tend to our wounds, starting with the deepest.

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