The Other Woman evaluation action

2022-03-27 08:01
"The Other Woman" scored 37 points in a comprehensive media review, with a freshness rating of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a C+ critic and an audience rating of A. The reviews were polarized. It's not a perfect movie, but it uses Natalie Hershlag's talent better than others. There is an undercurrent of emotion in the film's deep sadness, and the audience in front of the screen can feel the pain of the characters in the film, and scenes full of charm and light also appear from time to time. The film is attractive and sometimes mixed with emotion. It is undoubtedly the best choice for those audiences who want to release their tears, but if they want to reach the purpose of touching the soul of a mistress, it is still too far away, and the director's position on the position It is easy to misunderstand the film orientation   .
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Extended Reading
  • Arturo 2022-04-01 09:01:18

    Family members are the ones who can throw a temper tantrum regardless of the consequences. Reminds me of rabbit hole. .

  • Henderson 2022-04-03 09:01:11

    Delicate and delicate movie, I feel warm after watching it. It's just that Natalie's status as a junior is really unpleasant, and her indifferent attitude towards her stepson at the beginning is really annoying. In fact, she also wanted to be a good stepmother, but because of her childhood father's injury and the unfortunate death of her beloved daughter, she never went out.

The Other Woman quotes

  • Jack: It's the people who love you, you're the hardest on.

  • Emilia: I don't belong with you, guys. It's like Lyle, the crocodile. Lyle doesn't belong in an apartment, he belongs with all the other crocodiles at the central park zoo.

    William: There are no crocodiles there, only caimans.

    Emilia: It's a metaphor, William. You know metaphors. I'm trynna say is, I'm sort of way like Lyle you know, I don't belong with you and your dad. 'Coz, you know, my teeth are too sharp, and my tail is too long.

    William: But, Lyle does so belong with his family. They love him, even though he's a crocodile, and he's not always the nicest... or not so good with children.

    Emilia: yle was always nice to children.

    William: It's a metaphor, Amilia.

    Emilia: Thanks, Will.

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