The Pirate Fairy movie plot

2022-04-01 08:01
In the wonderful fairy valley, a fairy dust custodian named Zarina Sarina (voiced by Christina Hendricks Christina Hendricks) was misunderstood and expelled from the elves because of her curiosity and invented a wonderful and powerful fairy dust of different colors and different mana. Gu, a year later she stole the very important "Blue Fairy Dust" from the Elf Valley, and she joined the pirate organization with the precious treasure. Tinker Bell and her friends go all out to track Zarina's whereabouts, but along the way, Zarina confuses Tinker Bell's magical talents with other magical fairy dust. And on the way, what conspiracies did the pirates have, and whether Zarina can turn her back on her wrongdoing and return to everyone's side, a thrilling and magical adventure is about to begin. 
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The Pirate Fairy quotes

  • [Zarina fights her friends over the Blue Dust]

    Zarina: If you give it to me, I'll give you quarter.

    Silvermist: Quarter? I think we need all of it.

    Zarina: Quarter means mercy.

  • Pirate Crew: Hey-ho, imagine the places that we'll go. No one can stop us when we're so high in the stratosphere. Hey-ho, we'll be the frigate that plunders, every one of the world's seven wonders, when we're up in the sky, for who can fight a frigate that flies? No one can fight a frigate that flies.

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