The Revenant movie plot

2022-04-12 08:01
Bart (David Anders) is a soldier. During an operation, he was unfortunately shot and died, and Bart was resurrected not long after his body was buried. Some of Bart, who was confused about the situation, found his friend Joey (Chris Wylde) before his death. After repeated research and argumentation by the two, they came to the conclusion that Bart had become a zombie and had to rely on Sucking blood for a living. In this way, Bart turns back into a corpse every day, and when night falls, he becomes alive. Joey is troubled by Bart's thirst for blood, and after a discussion, a wonderful note emerges - since you must suck human blood, why not eliminate the dirty and prolific villains that exist like mice in Los Angeles? ? Just do what you say, a squad of punishing and eliminating evil composed of zombies and humans was born. 
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  • Jermain 2022-04-19 09:03:19

    A little dark humor in places

  • Stephania 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    In fact, the introduction of this film should be changed to this: The film starts with a war film, then becomes a supernatural film, then becomes a zombie film, then becomes a vampire film, and then becomes a Hong Kong-style shootout film, and then It turned into a superhero movie, then it became a romance movie, then it became a base movie, then it became a plasma movie, and then it became a sci-fi movie... Do you think it is over? Do not! At the last minute, it actually successfully transformed into a

The Revenant quotes

  • Joey: Bart... you gotta kill me. You gotta kill me, man...

    Bart: Kill you?

    Joey: I can't go through eternity talking with a fuckin' dildo on my throat.

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