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2022-04-04 08:01
The film is a documentary, part rodeo realism that both romanticizes and demystifies the cowboy lifestyle   .
A remarkable blend of fiction and fact, The Rider is a riveting drama that delivers authenticity in a similar way, making it one of the most poetic of films. The film dramatizes Brady's traumatic process and gently novelizes it. Brady's soulful eyes and reserved enthusiasm draw viewers into the story. He recreates every moment of life's wounded moments with incredible stoicism and psychological depth. Brady Zandro instinctively expresses this cognitive pain in a way that goes deeper than posturing.
"The Rider" is a masterpiece, an elegant work of cinematic poetry that elevates real-life struggles to the heights of art. With incredible cinematography, James Joshua Richards brings the Dakota Plains to their natural beauty, providing the perfect backdrop for an almost fictional performance from the real, with deep sense of life of people   .
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The Rider quotes

  • Brady Blackburn: If any animal around here got hurt like I did, they'd have to be put down

  • Brady Blackburn: You know, Lilly, I believe God gives each of us a purpose.

    Lilly Blackburn: Very true.

    Brady Blackburn: To the horse, it's to run across the prairie. For a cowboy, it's to ride.

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