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2022-04-04 08:01
Director Chloé Zhao went back to visit the Indian reservation several times after filming the film "My Brother Teach Me Songs". During this period, she met Brady Jandro in the basement of a horse farm, and she was attracted by the cowboy who competed in horse racing. , Chloé Zhao told Brady Jandro that he wanted to make a movie about him. In April 2016, Brady Jandro was injured in an accident. In June, Chloé Zhao had the opportunity to meet again with Brady Jandro. Although doctors told Brady Jandro to stop fighting horses, he sneaked out of the hospital two weeks after surgery and continued to ride, which inspired Chloé Zhao's story   .
Most of the film's non-professional actors were filmed in and around the Indian reservation. About 40% of the film, based on the true story of Brady Jandro, is a real plot and 60% is a fictional story. Brady Jandro, while not sitting down to type with Chloé Zhao, was still involved in more than half of the script   .
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    Absolute hero, too delicate to watch @2018-09-02 15:48:17

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    La mise en scène minimaliste porte en elle toutte effusion et son déploiement émotionnel en douceur. Ancrée dans 1 territoire donné, la caméra,qui se départit du regard démiurgique, capte discrètement la sublimation de l'humanité qui se dégage de ce paysage apaisé

The Rider quotes

  • Brady Blackburn: If any animal around here got hurt like I did, they'd have to be put down

  • Brady Blackburn: You know, Lilly, I believe God gives each of us a purpose.

    Lilly Blackburn: Very true.

    Brady Blackburn: To the horse, it's to run across the prairie. For a cowboy, it's to ride.

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