The Robe movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
During the Roman Empire, Marcelle was facing Christ Jesus during his tenure as a tribune. He was accused by the Roman authorities of bewitching people and was arrested and convicted. The old emperor sent Marcelle back to Rome and ordered him to arrest Jesus' disciples and burn the holy robe. However, the fearful Marcelle met Jesus' disciple, Peter, from a lame woman. The poor child is rewarded with great difficulty, but he does not hesitate to give to those who need it more than him. So, he changed, believing that there is only life and hope in a country of love. At this time, the old emperor had passed away, Caligla ascended the throne, and Marcelle was arrested after a prison robbery and tried by the Roman Empire. He admits that the emperor is noble, but if he wants to give up the God in his heart, he is willing to choose death.
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  • Jevon 2022-04-20 09:02:55

    Many shots of large scenes are very particular about the composition, and they look like classical oil paintings when they are frozen. The way of narrating the story is also more subtle, without the special effects of five hairs, but it achieves a shocking effect.

  • Sanford 2022-04-20 09:02:55

    1950s Hollywood widescreen movies. The first application of Sinimaskop. 20th Century Fox. Became one of the most popular widescreen systems, using 35mm film and fairly simple optics. The Sinimaskop camera was fitted with an anamorphic lens, shot with a wide angle of view but compressed onto 35mm film, and a corresponding lens was fitted to the projector during projection to restore the compressed image to a normal looking image. Standard aspect ratios are 2.55:1 (for magnetic sound) or 2.35:1 (for optical sound). The cost is cheap, the process is simple, and it is easy to use, and is used by almost all studios. At the beginning of the popularity of the wide screen, the director was cautious in technique: framing with long-range lenses, frontal scheduling of performances, and simple editing. Haven't watched 50's Hollywood epics. The bible story blockbuster. Dense crowds, large-scale battles, and luxurious sets all fit naturally with the wide-screen craftsmanship.

The Robe quotes

  • Diana: Then all the tales I've heard of you are true.

    Marcellus Gallio: Every man makes enemies.

    Diana: All your enemies seem to be women.

  • Demetrius: Until now you only remembered what you did to a man. The wrong, and your shame. But now - you remember the man.

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