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In a biopic about the greatest woman in rock and roll history, Janis Joplin, producers cast a similar-looking, singer-songwriter Betty Midler to play the legendary actress. In a short life, it is embarrassing, and Betty Midler's performance should be said to be quite in place. In addition to citing a lot of Janis Joplin's songs in the film, Betty Midler also showed off her singing voice and shined in the film. The film's soundtrack album was a best-seller, including "The Rose", perhaps the most beautiful song in rock history.
Janis Joplin was never happy as a child. When she was a child, her appearance became her biggest obstacle. Her poor complexion, figure and even face became the object of ridicule by the girls around her. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she was lonely and unable to integrate into the group of girls. When she tried to seek friendship with boys of the same age, she tried to drink, speak foul language, and imitate male behavior to achieve the purpose of seeking friendship, but she suffered more contempt.
So, she can only use poetry and painting to relieve loneliness, and laugh at suffering with the determination to suffer. But the injury never healed in her heart, and was despised, even mercilessly disgusted, to create an almost source and pathological need for love for her. But for love, she has always had an insurmountable inferiority complex. After she became famous, she often joked about her fat image, and even destroyed herself even more recklessly.
When Janis was 17 years old, she became obsessed with music. At that time, the popular blues star Bessie Smith became an idol of her life. Janis was determined to become a great singer. Initially, Janis also sang in bars and nightclubs like many pre-famous singers. The cluttered environment and the hardships of life once made her lose confidence in singing.
In 1966, Janis came to San Francisco and joined the Big Brother band consisting of guitarists James Gurley, Sam Ardew, bassist Peter Albin and drummer David Getz as their vocalist. The band achieved great success on the San Francisco stage thanks to Janis' raucous vocals. Janis Joplin is starting to show her unique style, her music is always laissez-faire, throws a lot of emotion into it, and sometimes she screams on purpose. This raw, brutish scream is often terrifying and pathetic. The sensitivity, slenderness, and even madness and neuroticism that are unique to women are infinitely expanded in Janis Joplin's music, and gradually evolve into an overly extroverted struggle. Because Janis Joplin seems to be born without love, so she fights even more frantically for the love that will never be hers.
In January 1968, the Big Brothers signed with Bob Dylan's manager, Albert Grossman, and began their tour of concerts across the United States. This tour has given Janis a huge fan base, they are overwhelmed by Janis' singing, and they cheer on her and idolize her.
In September of the same year, the album "Cheep Thills" (Cheep Thills) was released, and once it was released, it received a strong response and won the Golden Disk Awards . At this time, Janisd also began to write his own songs, "Summer Sunshine", "A Piece of My Heart" and "Turtle Blues" are all good works. "A Piece of My Heart" was also released as a single in 1968 and received critical acclaim for its strong blues-inspired work.
Janis became a star. Celebrity status has made her even more aggressive in releasing her fears, and her way of expressing it is frivolous and indulgent enjoyment.
She desperately squandered her fame and youth. She is shy and introverted, and sometimes she will suddenly bare her body under the stage of the performance. In her love life, she couldn't trust anyone, she didn't believe she would be loved at all, but she changed her sexual partner almost a few days ago. Her music is basically about love, often completely immersed in emptiness, the so-called sex, debauchery and naked body enjoyment did not give her any real peace, but increased her fear of herself, in her music , we often see some habitual frustrations, some self-pity and rampant fantasies about fraternity and great harmony.
For Janis, the past is something she can't forget, and those painful memories leave her with no time to imagine her future. All she can rely on is to make her day happier, and the way to do it is to consume.
Beginning in 1968, she drank and used drugs, and she became self-destructive but unable to extricate herself. Her real problem is that she can't really get the respect and love of others, she's terrified. Therefore, once they appeared, she would reject them with a more violent attitude. She was punishing herself, I should say - when she was reminded that she might be punished for doing so, she replied: "This is what an ugly woman like me deserves." A hidden chain will be endless Self-grief and hurt are firmly tied to Janis, and her pursuit of freedom, self, and love has reached a collapsed limit.
Just as the band was thriving, Janis announced his withdrawal from the band for independent development, and the Big Brother band also disbanded. By 1969 she and the reconstituted The Kozmic blues Band released the album "I Get Dem Ol'Kozmic Blues Again Mama!" in October. The album was well received, but the band only lasted until the end of the year before disbanding.
Her goals are vague. It was also a fascinating feature of the psychedelic movement throughout the sixties. Janis Joplin's music is a statement of bitterness and bitterness, and she is too incapable of restraint. Or rather, Janis Joplin is so thoroughly exposed that she never looks back, so much so that we are forced to witness a girl come to a glorious and tragic end.
Janis died suddenly on October 3, 1970, from a heroin overdose. People deeply regret the fall of this superstar, and at the same time they see Janis' lonely and hesitant inner world. In February 1971, her final album "Pearl" was released and topped the charts. In 1979, the movie star Better micller starred in the film "Rose" based on Janis. Janis is a great blues female singer, her achievements in the history of blues music will deeply influence the blues music world.
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