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2022-07-15 22:28
The play mainly presents "events", whether it is the atmosphere of "black clouds overwhelm the city and the city is about to be destroyed" before the big raid, or the whole city raided overnight and thousands of people imprisoned in the "winter racing circuit" The horror, and the process of being escorted to the gas chambers of the concentration camps, the director Roselyn Burch adjusted the focus with great precision. However, this is not just a movie that presents the "event". It shows the various people in the "event" in the form of "group portraits". There are unyielding Jewish men, women and children who face death. Demonstrate an extraordinary belief in survival. There are also upright Parisians, including neighbors who tipped off Jews, benevolent nurses at the racetrack, police, firefighters, and more. Firemen open the gates to give water to the thirsty and deliver letters for the prisoners. Especially the beautiful nurse Mono, her kindness, caring, sympathy, and sacrificial spirit have blossomed into a flower in a dirty environment. It was them who gave the Jews the greatest life support   .
From the perspective of children who survived the ordeal and from the perspective of objectively respecting the original appearance of history, "La Rafle" re-tears and reveals the evil deeds of the Nazi La Rafle Jews in The French Republic in Paris in 1942. At the beginning of the film, Hitler's happy face of "touring" Paris, under the exposure of the real black and white information film, suddenly brought the audience into the era of murderous siege. The film's two-hour capacity also gave the director enough space to lay out, from the babbling children, to the loud singing students, from the street hawkers, to every Jew in Paris. reached out to them. When the Paris police helped all the Jews in the city of La Rafle, a Nazi soldier, the charm of human nature broke out in full force by reporting, evading, hiding, and protecting. But the ruthless gates of hell still took away the vast majority of innocents. The innocence and kindness of the child, the selflessness and greatness of the family, the light of friendship and love are always shining on the edge of hell. The young protagonist's immature expressions and words, as well as his expectation for his relatives to return to his side, undoubtedly aggravated the film's appeal and tear-jerking index, and Jean Reno's restrained acting skills also played a good role in foiling   .
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