The Scent of Green Papaya evaluation action

2022-07-07 23:50
"Mui du du xanh" poetically tells the growth story of a girl named Mei in an aesthetic realm. The film deals with Anh Hung Tran's childhood memories, part of which is his retrospective of his past life. The soft and clear pictures and the crystal clear and sometimes witty music are all so delicate that they bury the suffering and quell the passion. They are so beautiful that everything seems to have nothing to do with reality. This film, shot in a well-built studio in France, is not actually about Vietnam in reality, but a warm spiritual hometown that remains deep in the director’s heart, a poetic reality purified by art, derived from Anh Hung Tran has fond memories of his homeland in Vietnam   .
The quiet Vietnamese style of Saigon, few dialogues, natural panning photography, and stable and smooth scene transitions are enough to make the audience indulge in the atmosphere of the film. Obviously, the storyline doesn't matter anymore   .
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