The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising evaluation action

2022-05-15 16:38
The magic charm of the confrontation between light and darkness in the original book is completely lost in the film. It is understandable to want to catch up with the "fashionable bus" of magic literature before the trend subsides, but it is really shameless to come up with such a riddled script to scare people. Seeing people, the classic British style that should have become a feature has been replaced by the stench of cheap Hollywood third-rate workshops   .
The child strives to defeat the demon, and the audience strives to exorcise the sandman   .
So much has been lost in the transition from fiction to the big screen that it's even more fun to put the story on the Xbox console   .
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The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising quotes

  • The Rider: Do you want to ever go home with them again? Give me the Signs and they will live. Give me the Signs, Will.

    Will Stanton: No.

  • The Rider: Now let water finish what ice has begun.

    John Stanton: Stay together. It's just water.

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