The September Issue movie plot

2022-07-14 23:48
Many people in the fashion industry claim to be the "fashion devil". Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American edition of "Vogue" magazine for 20 years, can be said to be the most authoritative figure in the fashion industry. She is the author of the movie "Fashion". The prototype of Miranda Priestly in The Devil of Fashion . The film chronicles Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and her staff as they prepare for the magazine's September 2007 issue. 
Recommended viewing points: From the film, we can not only see the process of forming the magazine, the working situation and environment of Anna, the dazzling fashion clothes, the eye-catching Madou and the dazzling fashion show.
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The September Issue quotes

  • André Leon Talley: to Vera Wang: First of all... Its been a very bleak week so far its been bleak streak over here in America ! You know what ? It's the famine of beauty ! Its the famine of beauty ! The famine of beauty honey ! My eyes are *starving* for *beauty*!

  • Journalist: Is there a way to wear fur this winter?

    Anna Wintour: There's always a way to wear fur. Personally I have it on my back.

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