The Sorcerer and the White Snake a positive view

2022-07-17 12:34
"The Legend of White Snake" follows the standard commercial routine. The progress of the storyline is smooth and fast, and the transition between the beginning and the end is also assisted by lively action scenes. On the whole, it has been a wave of unsettled waves. The two characters, Bai Suzhen and Bai Suzhen, both radiated their due brilliance. Law and emotion, etiquette and desire, man and demon, three opposing relationships are presented one by one, creating a lot of dramatic conflicts in literary drama. Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and let special effects become the protagonist of the movie. A major contribution of "The Legend of White Snake" is special effects, at this point "The Legend of White Snake" has created a history of domestic blockbusters. The human-shaped snake body, the water-filled Jinshan Temple and other effects that used to only appear in Hollywood films are at least "decent"   . At the very beginning of the film, "Fairy Sea Fantasy Battle Snow Demon" brings the audience into the world of special effects. The demonic realm in which the white snake and the green snake are placed is beautifully created by computer special effects. In about 30 minutes of fighting, the movie created a doomsday disaster scene like "2012"  
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The Sorcerer and the White Snake quotes

  • Xu Xian: Can meet with you, I don't what good luck had struck me. Just because of your single kiss I believe that the wheels of fate had turned. Just because of that moment, the moment was filled with sweet and happiness. From now on, every minute and every moment, I will protect you always and let you happy for life.

  • White Snake: Before I saw you I meditated for a thousand years, but those thousand years are worth less than a moment with you.

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