The Spirit of the Beehive movie plot

2022-06-22 10:48
After a girl watched the movie "Frankenstein", she fell into a fantasy world all day long. Anna and her sister wondered why Frankenstein wanted to kill the little girl, and they began to search for answers in reality. However, Anna inadvertently encountered the horrors of life. She found a soldier in a mountain hut with a music pocket watch on him. A few days later, she found that her father brought back the pocket watch, and the man disappeared forever. Shocked by the murderous intent she felt, Anna ran away unacceptably.
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The Spirit of the Beehive quotes

  • [last lines]

    Isabel: It's me, Ana... It's me, Ana...

  • Ana: Do you know what a spirit is? You don't, and I do.

    Teresa: A spirit is a spirit.

    Ana: Are they good or bad?

    Teresa: For good girls they are very good. For bad girls they are bad.

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