Zabriskie Point Antonioni says

2022-03-13 08:01
I'm not a director good at theoretical research. If you ask me what a director is, the first answer that comes to my mind is that I don't know. The second answer is that all my opinions are incorporated into my films. I am against the division of the work, which is good for others involved in the film, but means nothing to me, a director, and it is inaccurate for me to think of the director only as part of a theoretical interpretation.
Of course, when you need to put together images and think deeply about your ideas, you have to rely on some kind of intuition to realize the real work. Film is the same as other arts, and this is the most delicate moment. At this point, the poet needs to write the first character on the paper, the painter brushes the first stroke on the canvas, and the director needs to arrange the characters, let them speak and move in the way you want, so that the trajectory of the camera matches your psychology appeal. But this most important moment, we might say, was a spontaneity.
Every part of the film is equally important, and it would be unreal to make clear distinctions. All parts go into the final composition. Therefore, every shot requires your firm execution. For me, the process from the start of the film to the end is a job. I mean, I can't be distracted, day or night. To make a movie is not to write romantic poetry, you need to become more explicit.
I rarely reread footage that needs to be shot the next day. Sometimes, I arrive at the shooting location and don't know exactly what to shoot. I like the unprepared way, right before shooting. I often have to be by myself for fifteen minutes or half an hour, hanging out and thinking. I don't do anything but look around, the environment helps me a lot. But that's not the whole problem, sometimes during filming, watching the actors move and talk, I change my mind suddenly or gradually. In my opinion, only then can the director make the most appropriate judgments and corrections.
The sound of the film is very important, and I struggled a lot with that. When I talk about acoustics, I mean natural sound, not music. For me, that's the music that really fits the picture. Traditional music doesn't blend well with the picture, I've noticed a stale taste in these music, they can't do anything other than hypnotize, and they can affect the audience's understanding of the film. These principles lie behind the camera, and like any other art, it's up to you to make choices.
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