Zabriskie Point Antonioni's failure

2022-03-13 08:01
Perhaps the most unpleasant thing about Zabriskie Point is the adults gleefully playing the role of children. Our warriors and heroines flirt with each other, their romantic escapes in airplanes, and their giggling giggles, and it turns out, you know, it's Antonioni's work.
Antonioni is a director who shines from time to time. The basic idea of ​​his films that boredom with pop culture can destroy our ability to love and feel, reflected in his films is a strong sense of alienation and mental exhaustion. We love movies like this, and Eclipse in 1962 left us feeling alone and betrayed as we walked out of the cinema. The same goes for Zoom in 1966. But 1964's " The Red Desert " was a bland work, but it was Antonioni's work after all, and he knew what to do with such a film. 1970's Zabriskie Point was devastating, and the great director made perhaps the most failed film of his life. The character's words are empty and boring, without any resonance to speak of, just immersed in self and Gu Ying's self-pity.
When our hero escapes the scene of the "kill", he boarded a plane, and after an inexplicable encounter effort, they walked into the desert and started making love, the two rolled in the sand without any sense of pleasure and release , this love is really ridiculous. "Zabriskie Point" isn't actually complicated, Antonioni's attempt to make up for the film's lack of content with a plethora of outdoor billboards—the billboards that are symbols of a crumbling America eroded by capitalism—is not as effective. Not good, there is always a feeling of fatigue in collage.
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  • Brandy 2022-03-20 09:03:07

    I feel that there are some Godard things in it, and the overall style is a bit trendy, but it is still the same old Ann

  • Jaylen 2022-03-20 09:03:07

    The final explosion was repeated more than a dozen times. Newspapers, parasols, turkeys, refrigerators, books, TV, eggs, clothes, bread, etc. floated in the sky. Many concepts were scattered in the feeling: possession of matter, loss of life. We seem to be living in a flooded era. Don't we need Antonioni-style explosions to help us vent as we face the myriad of realities we can't change? Honestly, I need to.

Zabriskie Point quotes

  • Daria: So, tell me the rest of your criminal record.

    Mark: Once I changed my color, but it didn't work. So, I changed back.

  • Mark: Hear any news about the strike?

    Daria: Not much. I prefer music.

    Mark: It's getting like they don't even report it unless two or three hundred people get hurt.

    Daria: Yeah, some kind of record.

    Mark: Or a cop.

    Daria: Oh, a cop did get killed and some bushes were trampled. I was trying to find a rock station. I think they said the guy who killed the cop was white.

    Mark: Oo, white man takin' up arms for Bhe blacks, huh? Just like old John Brown.

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