Zabriskie Point The twists and turns of the film arrangement

2022-03-13 08:01
Antonioni had heard Pink Floyd at a small party while filming "Zoom" in London in 1966, and by the time "Zabriskie Point" was filmed, he got in touch with the band, hoping they could do it for him film composition. Although Pink Floyd had just lost Sid Barrett to regroup at the time, he had already had experience scoring films.
Pink Floyd spent a month in Rome, working 12 hours a day to keep Antonioni happy. In Nicholas Schaffner's 1991 biography of the band, guitarist Roger Waters recalled the experience, saying, "We did the whole film in five days, but Antonio Nee said Eet was very beautiful, but too intense. Obviously he wasn't satisfied, even if you corrected all the flaws he wasn't happy, it was too bad, too bad." It's clear that Pink Floyd has been Efforts were made to meet Antonioni's demands, but inevitably, the work was delayed.
In order to score "Zabriskie Point", Antonioni brought in John Fahey again, and asked John Fahey to arrange the music for the love part of the film, but their cooperation was not happy. According to John Fahey, Antonioni didn't even show him the full script, "even though I begged him to show me the other parts so I could get the full background, he wouldn't tell me, in fact, he didn't want me Knowing what any other movie was about and didn't want to know what the hell I wrote because he felt like if he let me know it would mess up my arrangement. In fact, the more I learned about this movie, the more he needed to The music will become clearer." John Fahey's arrangement was not used, and John Fahey and Antonioni had a big fight in Rome.
Instead of going to Rome, Jerry Garcia flew to Los Angeles to record his glamorous guitar in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. studio. Jerry Garcia wasn't Antonioni's first choice, but he did what the big director wanted. As Don Hall recalls: "We went into the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. studio and Jerry was sitting there alone and they showed a love scene and Jerry improvised along with the movie. He did a good job, Works so well with the movie, it's a genius." Garcia's work was appreciated and paid so well that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. wrote him a check on the spot, enough money to buy him a new house.
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  • Brandy 2022-03-20 09:03:07

    I feel that there are some Godard things in it, and the overall style is a bit trendy, but it is still the same old Ann

  • Jaylen 2022-03-20 09:03:07

    The final explosion was repeated more than a dozen times. Newspapers, parasols, turkeys, refrigerators, books, TV, eggs, clothes, bread, etc. floated in the sky. Many concepts were scattered in the feeling: possession of matter, loss of life. We seem to be living in a flooded era. Don't we need Antonioni-style explosions to help us vent as we face the myriad of realities we can't change? Honestly, I need to.

Zabriskie Point quotes

  • Daria: So, tell me the rest of your criminal record.

    Mark: Once I changed my color, but it didn't work. So, I changed back.

  • Mark: Hear any news about the strike?

    Daria: Not much. I prefer music.

    Mark: It's getting like they don't even report it unless two or three hundred people get hurt.

    Daria: Yeah, some kind of record.

    Mark: Or a cop.

    Daria: Oh, a cop did get killed and some bushes were trampled. I was trying to find a rock station. I think they said the guy who killed the cop was white.

    Mark: Oo, white man takin' up arms for Bhe blacks, huh? Just like old John Brown.

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