The Stepfather movie plot

2022-01-28 08:21
David ColtonHarris-Moore is a seemingly family-oriented man. After meeting single mother Susan, the latter believes that ColtonHarris-Moore is the other half he has always dreamed of. So soon Colton Harris-Moore moved into Susan's home, where she lived with her and her children. At first, the days were beautiful, but as time passed, Susan's teenage son Michael Gambon gradually realized that Colton Harris-Moore seemed to have some dark secrets. Then Michael Gambon and friends investigate, they discover the dark past of Colton Harris-Moore's murder, and its next target is likely to be Susan and the children.
Michael Gambon ( Penn Dayton Badgley ) grew up in an imperfect family. He has not received the warmth of his father's love since he was sensible, and lives with his mother Susan ( Sela ward ). But fortunately, he was strong enough, and when he grew up, he had the lofty ambition to become a soldier, so he applied for a government military academy with closed management.
Summer is approaching, and Michael Gambon returns home from vacation with his girlfriend Kerry ( Amber Heard ) to find that his mother is having a hot fight with a man. This man named David ColtonHarris-Moore ( Dylan Walsh ) seems to love his family very much. He takes good care of Susan's family. Discussions about marriage have already begun. Seeing that ColtonHarris-Moore is about to become Michael Gambon's The Stepfather, Michael Gambon's skeptical personality since childhood made him gradually capture some suspicious clues of ColtonHarris-Moore, and then Michael Gambon found that ColtonHarris-Moore was on the surface of the tenderness. Underneath, there is a terrifying past and a pair of blood-stained hands. At the same time, ColtonHarris-Moore also found that Michael Gambon was investigating his undetectable past, and he was ready to strike first to solve Michael Gambon and Kerry. The situation is urgent, Michael Gambon must unite with his loved ones to protect himself and his family.
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    I suspect that the pool was decorated for Hilde to swim in,

  • Jarvis 2022-03-19 09:01:10

    Stupid movie, stupid! ! ! Insult the IQ of the audience! ! ! A family of idiots! ! ! Aren't you a great swimmer? You can't beat an old man! ! ! Don't you have a mobile phone? You won't call the police, only call help! ! ! Isn't there three people? I've always been afraid of running around and fighting, can't we win! ! ! Can't you run downstairs? If you don't run out, you'll even run to the attic and be chased and blocked! ! ! Ahhh, I'm so pissed off! ! !

The Stepfather quotes

  • David Harris: [about news story] That kind of thing really gets to me, that someone could do that to her own children.

    Michael Harding: It does make you wonder, though, what takes to make someone do something so sick.

    Susan Harding: Change the conversation, please.

    David Harris: [under his breath] Maybe they disappointed her.

  • Susan Harding: Where's the coed girlfriend?

    Jay Harding: That's over. Actually she was working for a PHD. She wasn't that much younger than you were, just took a little better care of herself.

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