The Stepfather background creation

2022-01-28 08:21
family thriller
The Stepfather , which tells the story of the great danger to the family from unknown outsiders , is directed by Nelson McCormic , who has filmed hits such as CSI, Prison Break Season 5 , and last year, which also originated Remake of the horror film Prom Night", this time continue to direct similar themes, do you love this kind of themes? For this, Nelson McCormic does not deny it: I like thriller stories, because I feel that if an ordinary person faces sudden danger, he may encounter a large degree of despair. And different people will show different attitudes and actions when faced with these things that may make people feel hopeless. I want my films to express these differences, and at the same time make the audience think about what a character would do if they were themselves. For his new work, Nelson McCormick continued: "The Stepfather" is a story about how a boy protects his family. For the children in the family, the separation of the parents and the re-discovery of the other half make it difficult to become intimate with them, and the children will always be wary of their stepmother and The Stepfather. "The Stepfather" magnifies this kind of wariness of children, and tells a relatively extreme example. Of course, I believe that such things are always rare in the world, at least there are audiences in a similar family environment, so don't worry The story in the film happens to me (laughs). Is it because Nelson McCormic has a preference for a movie he loved in the past because he chose to remake a classic from the past twice in a row? Regarding this issue, Nelson McCormic said: If possible, I would really like to make all the movies that I have seen in the past and thought they were good. Of course, this must have a very rich company to support me (laughs). I chose "The Stepfather" because I think the story is well conceived, but the previous version of the story has something that I think is not perfect, the suspense of the story is revealed too early, and the narrative angle is not satisfactory to me, so this remake is although Basically based on the 1987 version, but with a lot of changes to the film, when I saw the editing was done, I thought, the best "The Stepfather" in my mind finally came out.
TV newcomer acts as the male number one
Talking about how to evaluate the actors of this film, Nelson McCormic talked eloquently: a thriller movie, the protagonist plays a very important role, the cowardly party must convince the audience, he is facing a huge crisis; and the villain must let The audience is scared when they watch it, making the audience feel that he has done all kinds of evil. I admired Dylan Walsh 's performance in this film, and he played the role of The Stepfather as a tough-hearted, yet humble and kind-hearted character. I met him in the TV crew. He has a very special appearance. I think he is very suitable for the protagonist of a thriller movie, so when I was casting the film, I immediately thought of him, and then told him to audition, and it really worked. good.
The actor Penn Dayton Badgley of the film is a rising Hollywood star in recent years . He is familiar to the audience for his starring role in the drama " Gossip Girl ". He has little experience on the big screen. This time he takes the lead. He said: This is a movie. The horror movie I always wanted to try, when the director told me that the original version of the movie was very different from the new version we shot this time, I still looked for the past version to see. Later, I found out that the biggest difference is that this time my character became the male lead (laughs). The director trusts me a lot, there are some scenes that I can play freely, which makes the whole process of shooting very enjoyable, and I have some new ideas about how to make a horror movie.
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  • Hailee 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    Too mentally retarded plot movie, CCTV6's original sound movie dare to put some good works?

  • Laurie 2022-03-26 09:01:13

    Thriller for horror's sake

The Stepfather quotes

  • David Harris: [about news story] That kind of thing really gets to me, that someone could do that to her own children.

    Michael Harding: It does make you wonder, though, what takes to make someone do something so sick.

    Susan Harding: Change the conversation, please.

    David Harris: [under his breath] Maybe they disappointed her.

  • Susan Harding: Where's the coed girlfriend?

    Jay Harding: That's over. Actually she was working for a PHD. She wasn't that much younger than you were, just took a little better care of herself.

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