The Taming of The Shrew movie plot

2022-07-06 23:10
The protagonist, Katarina, is famous for being stubborn and stubborn, and her younger sister, Bianca, is a gentle and graceful heartthrob. As a father, he may not be able to bear the arrogance of his eldest daughter, Katarina. He actually deprives his sister of the freedom to fall in love until her sister is married. Those sentient beings who admired her sister all had a headache because of this, and after thinking hard, they came up with a plan, that is, to find a dead ghost to marry her sister. Katarina is irritable and stubborn, and can't find any man who dares to marry her. Unwillingly, she married Petruchio, a tall and strong bearded man. Petruchio was determined to train Katarina to be a good wife, so he adopted the method of "violating violence with violence", and finally tamed Katarina's arrogance.
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The Taming of The Shrew quotes

  • Tranio: No profit grows where there is no pleasure taken. Huh?

  • Katherina: I pray you, father! Is it your will to make a whore of me among these - mates!

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