The Thing Called Love movie plot

2022-07-07 18:10
The film's leading actor, Rui Fan Fenix, won the top actor in Venice at the age of 21. Audiences who like him should not miss this film!
Four like-minded country musicians, in order to realize their dreams, went to the country music capital to start a music career. During this period of starting a business, their relationship became extremely complicated due to their intrigue, and they were also out of touch with the original plan. Although, for them, achievement in music, like love, is an exciting but unpredictable thing, but they are convinced that as long as they stick to their dreams, their dreams will eventually come true!
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The Thing Called Love quotes

  • Miranda Presley: Look out Nashville, cause I'm here now and I ain't never leavin'!

  • James Wright: How many Beatles are there?

    Kyle Davidson: Three... and Ringo.

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