The Tracey Fragments movie plot

2022-07-11 17:39
The girl Tracey Berkowitz ( Ellen Philpotts-Page ) is behind a bus, wrapping her naked body in a tattered bathroom curtain. She was looking around for her brother Sonny as if he were a puppy.
Tracey's journey takes us into the most vulnerable dark areas of the city center, into her emotionally distressed home, through the ruthless high school she attended, and playing with her psychiatristgames, and her boyfriend, Billy Zero, who makes her think about it. Tracey's journey also connects her to the rest of life in the city. Lance, for example, who could have been her savior, ended up pushing her life to the brink.
As we become more aware of the truth about Sonny's disappearance, Tracy's story begins to become very confusing, with lies and hope so desperate. It turns out that Tracey neglected to take care of her younger brother while secretly dating Billy Zero. The only way to accept her sin and let her seek redemption is to let her life go on. 
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The Tracey Fragments quotes

  • Tracey Berkowitz: [after a screaming woman has been escorted off of the bus] But she didn't do anything!

    Bus Driver: It's been a long day. Come on, let's go.

    Tracey Berkowitz: It's this dirtbag!

    [points at woman's husband]

    Tracey Berkowitz: [Tracey is escorted off too] She didn't even do anything! She didn't do ANYTHING!

    [gets off of the bus, goes to the lady]

    Tracey Berkowitz: Are you okay?

    Woman in Fur: [sobbing and screaming] HE TOOK MY MONEY, MAN! HE TOOK MY FUCKING MONEY!

    [Tracey gives the woman some money, then a pause]

    Woman in Fur: You...

    [takes Tracey, kisses her head and hugs her]

    Woman in Fur: Thank you. Thank you! I love you, thank you.

  • Tracey Berkowitz: Billy Zero is not exactly famous. But he's a star to me, all right? He is the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen. On any music video, anywhere. In the whole world. And he did not pick just any girl. He picked me.

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