The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time movie plot

2022-10-21 22:13
In 1123 AD, the people of that time were valiant and good at fighting, wizards and sorcerers ruled the forest with their sorcery and various magical potions. The knight Godfrey, who fought for Louis VI for many years, has finally returned triumphantly with his faithful servant Jacques, eager to meet his fiancée Frenegonde. But Godfroy was enchanted by a terrifying witch on his way, and he mistook his future father-in-law, the Duke of Pouilly, for a grizzly, and shot him in the head with an arrow. Because of this, Godfrey couldn't marry the person he loved. He was so sad that he could only turn to the great magician Esabis. Esabis wanted to use the time-space tunnel to bring Godfrey back to the time before the disaster. To redeem his mistake, but the great magician Esabis missed this time, and what is even more incredible is that he sent Godfrey and his servant Jacques to the 20th century, two medieval people.
 Fortunately, in the modern 20th century, Godfroy met his own descendant, Demarne Beadis, who married the dentist Jean-Pierre. The appearance of Godfroy completely disrupted the life of the Beatis family. Beatrice regards the sudden appearance of Godfrey as his cousin Hubert. It turned out that many years ago, Hubert suddenly left without saying goodbye, and Godfrey and Hubert looked strikingly similar. As for Jacques Uy, he also met his descendant, Jacquard, who runs a grand hotel, but Jacquard firmly refused to admit that the rustic person in front of him was related to him by blood. Later, Godfroy and Jacques Ouilly met Ginette, a modern wanderer who always likes to dress up. She regards the eccentric Godfrey and Jacques as special actors. In the process of getting along with the two, Jacques also developed feelings for Ginette, and the two planned a grand wedding. Seeing all this, Beatrice thus firmly believed that Ginette, like Godfrey and Jacques, came from the Middle Ages.
In the Middle Ages, Jacques Ouy once stole the jewels of the Duke of Pouil and hid them in a statue. After coming to modern times, Jacques Ouy found the statue with the jewels and took them out. Later, he also designed his own descendant Jacquard to follow the Knight Godfrey back to the Middle Ages in his place, and inadvertently prevented the closure of the time-space tunnel. The knight Godfrey successfully recovered the arrow shot at the Duke of Pouilly and finally held the wedding with his beloved fiancée Frenegonde as scheduled, but halfway through the wedding, the Duke of Pouilly came to obstruct it again, it turned out that he found that he cherished His jewels were lost, among them a treasure inlaid with ruby ​​and sapphire, which was the tooth of Saint Laurent, the only relic left by him before he was swallowed by a lion in Rome, and is said to bless future generations. The Duke of Pouilly devoutly believed that if his daughter did not wear it on her wedding day, her marriage would be full of trials and misfortunes. Godfrey swore to find the treasure even in hell. So with the help of the great magician Esabis, he returned to modern times again. At the same time, the spirit of Jacquard, who came to the Middle Ages, has almost collapsed, and his eccentric dress has aroused the hostility of the Chancellor, who listed him as an evil and prepared to be burned at the stake. In modern times, Jacques Oui lived a very enjoyable life. Hubert's ex-wife heard that her husband, who had been missing for many years, suddenly appeared, and brought her daughter to ask her about the crime. However, Godfrey was confused, and the two broke up. Godfroy learned the whereabouts of the gem from Jacques Oui, and this time he can finally marry his sweetheart   .
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The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time quotes

  • [repeated line]

    Jacquouille la Fripouille: OKKKKKKKKKK! OKKKKKKKKKK!

  • Jacquouille la Fripouille: [the police car crashes into the post van] It's the Saracen, sire!

    Postman: The sickos are back!

    [runs off]

    Postman: The sickos are back! The sickos are back! The sickos are back


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