Microcosmos movie plot

2022-06-27 23:06
With photography technology and shooting angle, the world under the forest and grass can be magnified countless times in front of you. Insects, grass leaves, and water droplets are all visible, and they have become a magnificent spectacle. It's dawn, and somewhere on Earth lies a huge world like a planet. The thick grass turned into a forest. Small stones turned into mountains. Small water droplets are like an ocean. Time passes in different ways. An hour is like a day, a day is like a season, a season is like a lifetime. 
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Microcosmos quotes

  • Narrator (English version): [beginning narration] A meadow in early morning, somewhere on Earth. Hidden here is a world as vast as our own, where the weeds are like impenetrable jungles, the stones are mountains, and even the smallest pond becomes an ocean. Time passes differently here: an hour is like a day, a day is like a season, and the passing of a season is a lifetime. But to observe this world, we must fall silent now, and listen to its murmurs.

  • Narrator (English version): [ending narration] The night gives way once more. Nothing will stop what's now in motion, what hides in shadow, what searches forward, what flutters toward the light. Here, where time is measured out in moments, and new lives emerge from darkness, a day begins like any other. Beyond anything we can imagine, and yet almost beneath our notice.

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