Nancy Drew movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
Nancy Drew has super age wisdom, super taste and super fans. After entering Hollywood High School, the environment that encouraged new things further promoted the development of her maverick personal style. High IQ, retro dress, and skateboard shoes all convey a unique attitude to life and way of thinking from the inside out. She always stands out in the crowd, exudes a unique charm, and shines with wisdom and rationality. And beneath these glossy appearances is her even more unknown uniqueness and mystery, which is her identity as a teenage detective. Although she is young, Nancy Drew is a veteran in the detective industry. Her unique way of thinking and a god-given professional sense make her an early figure in this field. However, such high-risk things are always not suitable for girls. Nancy Drew's father urged his daughter to quit this business. Nancy Drew obeyed her father's wishes on the surface, but she couldn't let go of the excitement of being a detective. Another attractive business. She soon gets herself involved in a murder investigation, the case itself is murky and the deceased is a famous movie star. Such exciting and challenging focal cases have an extraordinary allure for Nancy Drew. After intensive investigation and deduction, Nancy Drew finally uncovered the truth   .
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Nancy Drew quotes

  • [Carson Drew is talking on the cell phone while driving]

    Nancy Drew: Dad, do you know that people who talk on the phone while driving miss things?

    Carson Drew: Like what?

    Nancy Drew: That woman in the road!

  • Nancy Drew: I wonder who tried to kill us?

    Corky: Yeah, I'm wondering that too. In fact, I'm kind of freaking out about it!

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