Nancy Drew evaluation action

2022-03-22 08:01
Having an incomparably strong script backup and a leading actor who pleases the Quartet is the biggest advantage of "Nancy Drew", and the small cost of the film makes it seem that the first-line living space that the film seeks in the summer of 2007 is not the same. difficult. But the film's biggest selling point, the novel adaptation, looks remarkably weak. After 80 years of development, the novel series has obviously declined, and the plots and plots accumulated in the series have basically been excavated for reference by all parties, and it is difficult to come up with new materials   .
The story of "Nancy Drew" is mainly based on the detective deeds of a transfer girl detective from Hollywood high school. It seems suspenseful and thrilling, but it actually sells comedy. Although the various settings are rarely original, Emma Roberts has shown no less comedic prowess and acting potential than Aunt Julia Roberts. But after all, the film is just a second-rate cliché reasoning plot, lacking surprise and excitement   .
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Nancy Drew quotes

  • [Carson Drew is talking on the cell phone while driving]

    Nancy Drew: Dad, do you know that people who talk on the phone while driving miss things?

    Carson Drew: Like what?

    Nancy Drew: That woman in the road!

  • Nancy Drew: I wonder who tried to kill us?

    Corky: Yeah, I'm wondering that too. In fact, I'm kind of freaking out about it!

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