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2022-03-31 08:01
The film depicts the style and character of British cinema in the 1940s, leading the audience back to the good times of light and shadow. Every character in the film is very cute, and all have distinct personalities   .
The director of the film described the best time of a group of British people on the fringes of the war with a perspective and brushstroke that was completely different from traditional war films. It takes a unique approach in the selection of materials, depicting the war with feminine and life-like brushstrokes, which is delicate and unique. The large scenes of indiscriminate bombing are rarely seen in the film, and more are the details of life in Britain during the wartime years. The film is quite innovative. This kind of delicate portrayal is witty and interesting. The plot of the old actor identifying the dead body of his old friend, the sword goes off the beaten path, poking the audience's heartstrings. What is unique is that the two topics of war and feminism are well combined in the film, and the "play within the play" part contrasts with the heroine's experience. Although the feminist color affects the normal development of the story and seems to be overwhelming, the film is still worth watching  .
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  • Phyl Moore: They're afraid they won't be able to put us back in the box when this is over, and it makes them belligerent.

  • Gabriel Baker: Wonderful! Authenticity, optimism and a dog!

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