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2022-03-31 08:01
In 1940, major cities in the UK were bombed by German troops, causing countless casualties. In order to improve the morale of the people, the British government led the cooperation with major studios to shoot military propaganda films. But the plots of these films were boring, the propaganda was too strong, and they were booed by the audience. In order to add elements to attract women in the promotional film, the Ministry of Information hired female screenwriter Katrin. The film she participated in was the protagonist of the soldiers who returned to the UK in the Dunkirk operation. The Ministry of Information hopes to use the film to inspire people. In the beginning, she confronts producer Barkley, and then meets the arrogant and difficult male actor. The story that Catlin was going to shoot was originally about a pair of fishermen sisters sailing a boat to participate in the rescue of Dunkirk, but the studio required that a male protagonist must be included, and the two women could only serve as foils. The protagonist talks about a love triangle. Facing the unreasonable demands of the authorities, Catlin and Buckley used their wisdom to edit the story skillfully between political needs, filming resources, actors' performance, audience reactions and being faithful to the facts. The tacit understanding and love between the two are quietly growing. However, the war continued to deteriorate, the actors left the group one after another, the filming faced difficulties, and Catherine also suffered tragic changes in her life. Just as the film crew was discussing how to fill in the scene that the actor didn't have time to complete, "going into the water to repair the ship and save everyone", as the only remaining screenwriter, Catlin made a decision: let the female characters in the film complete the hero's drama.    .
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    With the haze of World War II as the background, it is very comfortable to be able to photograph the small and fresh England with such a light smell of gunpowder. If it weren't for the last bit of dog blood, it would definitely make people more comfortable.

Their Finest quotes

  • Phyl Moore: He is an actor. Unless you have reviewed him, had intercourse with him, or done both simultaneously, he won't remember you.

  • Phyl Moore: They're afraid they won't be able to put us back in the box when this is over, and it makes them belligerent.

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