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2022-04-03 08:01
The film has all the charms of a French-speaking film: smooth editing, fine-grained lines full of humor and philosophy of life, attracting audiences to forget the passage of time, inadvertently revealed social situations and political jokes that the French can never give up   .
Director Mia Hansen-Løve's work is always concerned with the passage of time, and this film is slightly different, with a witty approach, a keen and compassionate perspective, and her protagonist seeks a way out of the predicament. In the film, the characters' dialogues cite the remarks of famous philosophers such as Jean-Jacques-Rousseau and Blaise-Pascal, which are quite meaningful, and a series of jokes about pet cats add a lot of fun to the film. The first half of the film is very convincing. Mia presents the everyday scenes of ordinary people with extraordinary screen effects   .
The film uses a warm and warm tone to depict the stubbornness and forbearance of a middle-aged woman when she suffers from great changes, and even a little humor. This is not a movie piled up with a lot of philosophy, but "The Future" is indeed a rare work with profound philosophical meaning. The future of life it designs for the characters is neither completely dark nor infinitely bright. A little blur and chaos in between is precisely the film's most captivating undertones   .
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Things to Come quotes

  • Nathalie Chazeaux: I prefer a text a bit rhapsodic by someone who thinks out of the box over the bland writing of marketing fiends.

  • Nathalie Chazeaux: [quoting Jean-Jacques Rousseau] So long as we desire, we can do without happiness. We expect to achieve it. If happiness fails to come, hope persists, and illusion's charm lasts as long as the passion causing it. Thus, this condition suffices to itself and the anxiety it inflicts is a pleasure which supplants reality, perhaps bettering it. Woe to him who has nothing to desire! He loses everything he owns. We enjoy less what we obtain than what we desire, and are happy only before becoming so.

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