Thugs of Hindostan positive review

2022-04-04 08:01
The two singing and dancing scenes in the film adhere to the consistent style of Indian movies, and the lyrics performed by the two cheerful dances are also different. Whether it is the interpretation of the lyrics or the plot points that appear, they all reflect the pursuit of freedom. A continuation of the spirit of Zade. Aamir Hussain Khan is the highlight and point of view of this film. The creator focuses on depicting how he changes between trust and deception, loyalty and betrayal, freedom and slavery, while the sublimation of the characters' emotions is slightly lacking and vague, such as The emotional expressions of Fergie, Sulaya, and Zafira are ambiguous and vague, which means that the character of Fergie is still lacking in fullness. Overall, Aamir Hussain Khan brought us some joy, lightness and humor in this late 2018 release   .
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  • Mae 2022-04-14 09:01:06

    The boring version of "Princess's Revenge" + "The Hunger Games" ending

  • Antonio 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    I watched the release version in mainland China, and it is said that a quarter of the content was deleted! The film tells the story of the Indians who fought against the British colonists at the end of the 18th century, resisted enslavement, and fought for freedom. Serious historical themes are expressed in the form of comedy, so to speak, "the "Pirates of the Caribbean" version of "Braveheart". Aamir Khan's character (shape/temperament) in the film is "Captain Jack" played by Johnny De; the spiritual leader Amidap Bachchan in the film is "Wallace" played by Mel Gibson . It is a pity that the film does not balance the coordination of the two styles of one village and one humorous, so that this main theme comedy is neither flammable nor funny. Just like Aamir Khan, the character of both good and evil was not well portrayed. The dual identities of "liar" and "warrior" were switched at will, and it was too much of a child's play. ps: When it comes to action scenes, use romantic slow motion to test patience. . .

Thugs of Hindostan quotes

  • Firangi: Deceit is my nature.

    Khudabaksh: To trust is mine.

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