Tideland About the original

2022-01-28 08:19
The director stumbled across this book among a pile of unread books, and as soon as he opened it, he was attracted by the story and the elements, because he found at the same time: "Interesting, touching and disruptive factors are mixed in, and I found that there are four Or five amazing characters in this movie, and their situation becomes more and more bizarre as the plot stretches. In this movie, my favorite part is exploring the world of children. I want to make a movie better than [Help! Tang Quixote] A movie with more depth but not an infinitely stretched budget,” the director recalled, and the book’s faithful description of the protagonists, especially the perfect dark allegory, could not have been clearer about its structure when adapted into a screenplay. After the director invited the producers and the production team in place, this journey that was about to be full of surprises was about to start. At this time, he sent a letter to ask Mitch about the details, because no one can do it without asking the author. Under the condition of opinion (especially Mitch's work), to faithfully present this wonderful story, the director also hopes that Mitch will provide any items he used in writing, so that he can immediately enter the situation in which he was writing, especially in the Julia and her father's mentality after returning to the grassland, and living with mummies in the farm house. The biggest difference from the book is that we try to change the mode of narrating the little heroine Julesa in a first-person way, and try to let the audience focus on how she went through various hardships in the film, so that they can't help but ask: How on earth is she going to hold on to hope of survival? What incredible things will happen next?
At the same time, the producers are working hard to raise funds, because they know that it is an extraordinary film to complete, so the task must be more difficult, however, they are also convinced that because of this particularity, there will be Attracting a lot of word of mouth, and a girl who has such an experience will surely arouse everyone's moving and resonance.
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  • Pasquale 2022-03-21 09:03:18

    typical Terry Gilliam is the best at what he can do, disdains logic, common sense, morals, rules, and movie language... It's extremely romantic and absurd, but after watching it, nothing is left except the sad WTF. The dramatic makeup, shape and performance of the little girl's stage are very beautiful, especially the pink feather shawl. The director understands the little girl's mind too well. She is also a little princess who is thirsty for love in the swamp.

  • Lolita 2022-03-22 09:02:52

    It can only be said that it is a very weird film, but it still feels very good, weird! Aesthetics, ideas, and characters are all~~~

Tideland quotes

  • Jeliza-Rose: They were kissers.

  • Dickens: He's spoiling.

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