Tim's Vermeer movie plot

2022-07-20 11:21
Famed magician and revealing duo Paine & Taylor team up to explore the famous Dutch painter Vermeer, trying to find out why his paintings capture the perfect light. They also invited inventor Tim Jennison to use optical instruments to reproduce Vermeer's oil paintings, perfectly recreating the famous style.
Tim's Vermeer Awards
64th ACE EDDIE AWARDS (2014)
Best Editing for a Documentary (Nominated) Patrick Sheffield
19th Critics' Choice Film Awards (2014)
Best Documentary (Nominated)
18th Annual Satellite Awards (2014)
Best Documentary in Film Division (Nominated)
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Tim's Vermeer quotes

  • Tim Jenison: I tend to build things until they're just barely good enough, and sometimes that envelope gets exceeded.

  • Natalie Jenison: So if anything falls askew, your painting's in no danger, is that correct?

    Tim Jenison: No, I wouldn't say that... But, you know, I can always start over.

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