Tom Jones movie plot

2022-03-13 08:01
Tom Jones was originally an illegitimate child, and was adopted as an adopted son by a local gentleman. When he grew up, he was very handsome, and he was quite a gentleman. But he has a bold temperament and yearns for a romantic and adventurous life. He first fell in love with Sophia, the daughter of a nearby manor owner, but when they were fighting hotly, a third party-cousin Biffel intervened, and the two were jealous. So Tom flirts with the shepherdess again. The boring life, strict house rules and gossip make Tom feel that he can no longer stay in the country, and he decides to go to London to make a big business.
On the way, in the collapsed hotel, he saw a middle-aged woman being insulted by a vulgar officer, so he drew his sword and fought to save him. Since Tom left, Sophia has been unwilling to be lonely, and she has also left home without permission, wandering the world. She has nowhere to go, so she has to temporarily live in the house of a female merchant. Unexpectedly, one day, Tom also came to the female trader's house. The two reunited after a long absence. They were very happy and spent the night drinking and revelling.
Due to a misunderstanding and false plunder, the two came to London separately and were immediately involved in an affair. In order to frame Tom, Biffel bribes several gangsters and falsely accuses Tom of robbery. As for the crime, Tom was to be sentenced to death, and some of his friends tried to rescue him. He was taken to the execution ground. Just as Tom was on the gallows, Sophia's father rushed to the horse and cut the rope with a knife, showing the imperial exemption. Like many Hollywood movies, at the end of this film Tom and Sophia can finally live happily together.
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  • Libby 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    This very happy movie told me: birth is everything, and this truth will never change.

  • Nathaniel 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    It's boring to say that some award-winning movies are really only suitable for that era~

Tom Jones quotes

  • Squire Western: Tom, thou art as hearty a cock as any in the kingdom. Go on, after your mistress.

  • Mrs. Miller: Tom, don't say you've lost her yet. Go to her now.

    Jenny: Go on, Tom,

    Mrs. Miller: Go to her.

    Squire Allworthy: Go on, lad.

    Tom Jones: I will!

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