Train of Life movie plot

2022-07-08 16:10
In 1941, a small town boy ran to the villagers foolishly and shouted: "The Nazis are coming!" For a while, people were panicking, and he had a plan. It was better to pretend to be the Nazis, jump on the train, and claim to be heading for the concentration camp. flee to another country. The train and his party were startled. The German army stopped the road twice to pick up the investigation. Fortunately, one time they crossed the sea, and the other time they bumped into the same person, and they all walked together. But the train traveled thousands of miles, and in the end there were still some people who were happy and some who were sad.
In a small village inhabited by Jews in southern France, in order to escape the slaughter and persecution of the German army, people decided to move their villages to the Holy Land - Jerusalem. The whole village sold their property and donated money to buy a train. Some of them disguised themselves as German officers and soldiers, and in the name of escorting Jews to concentration camps, they skillfully escaped the eyes of the German army and fled to Israel and other places via the Soviet Union.
The story takes place during World War II , when the Germans occupied France, they carried out appalling slaughter and persecution of Jews, making people panic. After escaping a catastrophe, Schlomer hurried to Schdale, a small village inhabited by Jews, to tell the villagers the news that the German army was coming. In order to escape the brutal persecution of the Nazis, everyone decided to move from villages to Israel via the Soviet Union, where the Holy Land is located. On behalf of the village council, Father Rabbi appointed Murdoch, a timber merchant, disguised as a German officer as the train commander, and led some German soldiers disguised by young people to flee to the Soviet border under the cover of escorting Jews to concentration camps. The whole village donated money to buy a train. Under the cover of the night, this so-called prisoner car started a journey of escape. Facing the difficulties and dangers on the road, the timid and cowardly became brave and strong, and usually went crazy Diandian people have also become smart and witty, and the inner world of various characters has been fully revealed. After experiencing the baptism of life and death, the contest between good and evil, people used their wit and courage to overcome many difficulties and finally reached the other side of the light. 
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