Tulip Fever behind the scenes gags

2022-03-23 08:01
  • The film version was originally planned to be launched in 2004, but at that time the British government terminated a tax cut policy, causing the film budget to soar by 17 million from the original $45 million, causing the project to be withdrawn and stranded.
  • When the filming began in 2004, Jude Law and Keira Knightley were chosen for the male and female lead roles, and the director was John Madden.
  • Alicia Amanda Vikander was cast as the female lead in July 2013, before she had appeared in films such as "The Danish Girl" and "Ex Machina". But the producers are very optimistic about her.
  • The film was completed as early as 2014, but for various reasons it was hidden for several years before it was released. The first preview was held in November 2014.
  • Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaert was originally set to play the lead role. Dane DeHaan took over after he quit.
  • Dane DeHaan and Tom Holland play the Dutchman in the film. In fact their surnames De Haan and Hollander both come from Dutch, meaning their ancestors had Dutch ancestry.
  • The film is set in the Netherlands, but filmed in the UK (including Norfolk, Suffolk, and Pinewood Studios)   .
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  • Gage 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    This script wasted a strong cast.

  • Austin 2022-03-23 08:01:05

    The story is simply not to be ridiculous. Except for the role of the maid, none of the other characters are reasonable... No matter how retro the hardware is decorated and how dark the style is, it can't hide the stupidity of the script.

Tulip Fever quotes

  • Maria: [narrating] Stories don't end. They only go their separate ways. We take leave of them. Not knowing what comes after.

  • Cornelis Sandvoort: God forgive me; that must be sinful.

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