Under Fire movie plot

2022-10-24 21:49
In the 1970s and 1980s, revolutionary wars were burning in Central American countries, and many American journalists, so-called field correspondents, were just sitting in big hotels and distributing news based on hearsay, and were unable to discover the truth at all. This film makes an in-depth reflection on this phenomenon, so that the audience has a better understanding of the production insider of "War News". The background of the story is Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Russell Price, an American photojournalist, refused to join the ranks of the news colleagues who favored the local government. He was inspired by another American Public Radio reporter, Claire, to take the initiative to get involved in the revolution. During the camp's activities, and posted a fake photo of the leader of the resistance army still alive. The move led to the big-name TV anchor Alex who rushed to Managua to report the news, but was killed by the bodyguards of the President of Nigeria. 
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Under Fire quotes

  • Alex Grazier: [looking at his face in a mirror] You were right. Everybody was right.

    Claire: About what?

    Alex Grazier: These cheekbones. What do you think of them?

    Claire: I like your cheekbones, Alex. Is there anything the matter?

    Alex Grazier: It's a face made for television.

    Claire: [slightly taken aback] You mean you decided to go with the Network?

    Alex Grazier: Yeah... They're gonna' give me 10 grand a week to read the news. I'll be in 60 million homes every night. When I take a breath, all of America will take a breath. When my voice trembles, all of America will tremble. I'm gonna' be a star. My vocal inflection will be more important than who controls Congress.

    Claire: [grinning] And your name will become a household word.

    Alex Grazier: [grinning] Yeah, I'll become a household word.

  • Claire: [He and Claire are at a camp where Rafael is supposedly holed up] What is it?

    Russell Price: Rafael is dead. I can smell it.

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