Von Ryan's Express movie plot

2022-03-14 08:01
Colonel Lane was an American officer who had just arrived at the prisoner of war camp, and most of the concentration camps were British soldiers. Because of his highest rank, the priests of war all pushed him to be the commander, because Lane stopped their reckless escape plan and made the prisoner. Of wars expressed doubts about him, the disease was prevalent in the concentration camp, Lane designed the prisoner of wars to get medicine and clean clothes, but he was locked up in confinement.
After the surrender of Italy, when World War II was about to end, Germany was preparing to transport the Allied prisoners by train to another concentration camp in mainland Germany. Ryan led the prisoner of war to launch an uprising to control the concentration camp, capture and control the train, but it was captured by the German army. The plane found, so Colonel Lane led the entire Prisoner of War to embark on a long road of escape.
They put on German uniforms, and after a lot of hard work, they finally crossed the Alps to the Swiss border, but Lane did not get on the train in the end.
Prisoners of war will always remember the Colonel's words: "As long as one can escape, he has escaped!" (PS: In fact, this is what British Major Finch said, the original words are: "Even if only one escapes. , also a victory!") 
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  • Else 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    To explain, the British and American prisoners of war in Italy were first controlled by the Italian military, and then Italy failed, and the Germans took over the prisoners of war. Then came the great escape of the POW train. That girl is too much

  • Aurelio 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    In the third year of junior high school, the teacher asked me to record five news broadcasts every day, and then developed the bad habit of writing homework on the TV. I can't forget the translated film I saw on CCTV on a Sunday afternoon.

Von Ryan's Express quotes

  • Maj. Eric Fincham: If you crab this, the Germans won't have to kill you; I'll do it myself.

  • Maj. Eric Fincham: [after Ryan spares Battaglia] You fool! You soft-headed sentimental fool!

    Colonel Joseph L. Ryan: That's privilege of rank.

    Maj. Eric Fincham: Damn your rank!

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