Sansho the Bailiff movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
The story takes place in Japan in the 11th century. The local officials were exiled because they were unwilling to join forces. Before leaving, they taught their sons to know how to forgive others. Unexpectedly, his family was kidnapped during a long trip, his wife was forced to become a prostitute, and his two young children became slaves of the corrupt official Legend of Bailiff Sansho. Ten years later, the two are 18 and 23 years old. When his son Chef Wang grew up, although he had become the most trusted subordinate of Legend of Bailiff Sansho, he never forgot his father's teachings and escaped from Sansho's house with his sister's persuasion and assistance. suicide. After the Chef King managed to escape, he was helped by Taro, the son of Legend of Bailiff Sansho, who wrote a letter of recommendation for him to the First Minister, asking him to fight for justice for the slaves. Mutsu risked his death to the Prime Minister (the First Minister) ) to appeal for grievances. The first minister admired and admired the deeds of the former governor. When he heard that he was the son of the former governor, he wrote to the Emperor and appointed Mutsu as the new governor to manage the Dragon Boat Province where the Legend of Bailiff Sansho was located. After Mutsu took office, he issued a decree prohibiting the sale of slaves and emancipating slaves, but the Legend of Bailiff Sansho refused to carry out the order and destroyed the signboard. Mutsu led his men to capture the Legend of Bailiff Sansho and exiled him and his family. After learning that his sister had thrown herself into the river to cover his escape, he freed all his slaves, who cheered and set fire to the home of the Legend of Bailiff Sansho. That night, he submitted his resignation to the First Minister. On Sado Island , he found his mother, the mother and son recognized each other and cried, Mutsu fulfilled his promise to his father: be strict with himself and be lenient toward others, a person without compassion is not a human being, all people are born equal, there is The right to pursue happiness
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    "Even if you are working hard, you should treat others leniently. Without compassion, people will become beasts, and people are born equal! "-I could have come to see you as Taishou, but in order not to violate my father's teachings, I gave up the title. Mother, please forgive me! - what are you talking about? I don't know what you did, but I know you followed the instructions so we can meet again.

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    hands, ripple, trees, grids

Sansho the Bailiff quotes

  • Taro: Even children as young as you are sold and bought, treated like animals, and nobody questions it. What a horrible world.

  • Taro: [to Zushio] I found that humans have little sympathy for things that don't directly concern them. They're ruthless. Unless those hearts can be changed, the world you dream of cannot come true. If you wish to live honestly with your conscience, keep close to the Buddha.

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