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2022-07-20 15:27
  1. The comics in the play were drawn by Yoon Tae-ho and his team, the original author of the comics of the workplace drama " Misaeng " and the movie " Inside Men ".
  2. Yoon Tae-ho introduced the cartoonist's daily work in detail to the production team and actors, including the drawing method, work order and method. The actors who play comic writer Oh Sung-woo and his assistant in the play both learned from Yoon Tae-ho's team how to use digital tablets, tablets and other tools to create   .
  3. This drama is Han HyoJoo's first TV appearance in six years since starring in the costume drama "Tongyi" in 2010   .
  4. This drama is Lee Jong Suk's first appearance in a Korean drama after a year and a half after starring in the drama "Pinocchio" in 2014.
  5. After Lee Jong Suk saw the script, he fell deeply into the plot. He thought the characters in the play were very attractive and did not want to miss this work, so he decided to act   .
  6. One of the male protagonists in the play is a former Olympic shooting champion, and Lee Jong Suk has a special shooting practice for this purpose.
  7. Lee Jong Suk and Han HyoJoo covered their mouths and laughed after their first kiss in the drama   .
  8. Before shooting the fight scene, Lee Jong Suk repeatedly confirmed the fighting action with the staff under the guidance of the martial arts director, and NG did not pass once during the official shooting.
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