Wallander movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
In the dark and cold tones, the wind whistles from the fields, the lonely town, the empty road, the middle-aged police detective who is always red-eyed driving alone on the journey, the sad and peaceful background music whirls from time to time in your ear. This is hardly a crime drama, the pace of solving the case is slow like Wieland's heavy steps, slowly straight to the softness of your heart. I saw a lot of people say that the non-protagonist has a very low sense of existence. In fact, every look they give is full of complex and real feelings. The police officer who loves Wieland in the last episode used it with infatuation in the first two episodes. Looking at Wieland, even in the whole play, there are very few lines. The actors abandoned the habitual way of verbal communication, and instead conveyed the sadness and desolation in their hearts from their eyes. This kind of feeling hits directly To your heart, pour the strong sadness into your heart without any obstacles. The thoughts about human nature conveyed in the play, about love, family, and sex, are shocking in such a performance. 
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  • Jana 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    What a weird detective drama...a midlife crisis detective working overtime doubting himself and succeeding in screwing up almost all relationships. In terms of the plot, I kept watching and wondering if the screenwriter had written it seriously, but in the end I was relieved: the audience who also made a mess of life can finish crying and hug the bear-like Wieland, wipe the tears and move on. Come on... 2012.8.19 I want to watch 2015.9.3 and then watch 2017.9.19.

  • Shana 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    3.5 The scenery shot with the tilt-shift is still beautiful, but the case is very simple~ [In the first episode, I met Xiao Zhengtai~

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